How Can We Get There

Words by Jill Zutty / Music by Jill Zutty & Todd Herzog

I don't know how to begin or where this all started
This feeling I get when I look in your eyes and see darkness
I know deep within there's so much that is right I must find it
I know there is laughter I know there is light inside
When I look at you closely I can almost read your mind
As I see the path you traveled was much different from mine
But the end results are similar no rewards or any praise
How can we get there cross the bridge and through the haze?
I've searched the universe several times for answers
Not many conclusions could I come for certain to find
But just when I thought there was no hope ahead of me
That's when feeling inside of my heart opened my mind
If you look at me closely you will see what's going on
As my eyes will tell the story what my heart will carry on
And you¹ll see the paths we travel may be different but the same
How can we get there cross the bridge and through the haze?
Now don't you think we should travel this road together?
Cross over the bridge and get passed all this stormy weather
May look confusing but I think it's worth a try
Just trust me I'll be there by your side
Just look at me closely tell me what is going on
You will see a little clearer sharing stories with me now
And the pain will ease up slightly but will never go away
I know we can get there cross the bridge
And through the haze
And through the haze
And through the haze

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